Take Your Tote and Go!

Book Bundles Just Make Sense! 

Have you ever thought about a book bundle? This would be the perfect set to make your book reading experience much more engaging. A book bundle helps bring the book you love into your real life. The best bundle for me would be a great book that has a captivating story line, interesting characters, an impactful theme and good-looking merchandise surrounding its theme. Such a package would be the icing on the cake!

I'd want a themed tote bag so I can easily carry my books with me to any room in the house, to the park, or maybe the beach. I'd drop in a snack bag, a notepad, and maybe a bottled water before heading to my special area to read. I might even include a themed coffee mug for an early morning cup of joe, and a good read.

You may even consider a tank top, or cap with visor to keep you cool and protected as you read while enjoying the sun.  You can build your own Relentless package that fits your style. When you browse the Relentlessly Resilient merchandise page show your creative side and build a package that works for you. Share on FB, or even Tweet your choice.