You Didn't Know Your Business Needed a Coach?

Coaching is not just for Sports! Teams get inspired by a great coach who knows just how to get the best results out of the team. Your business consultant should know how to coach. If you are at a standstill with your company and need a strategy to position your business for the win, then get a coach that understands what it takes to do it. The right one will evaluate your current situation to determine where the gaps are. Next, she'll recommend a course of action. Here is where your consultant becomes your coach, she'll encourage you through the process. She'll make sure you have the right tools and or resources, and she'll follow through.

The consultant is interested in the success of your business and is focused specifically on the business practicum. The coach is focused on the holistic business: the operation and the operator. The business coach has an end goal in mind of equipping the small business with the necessary resources to thrive. All too often, small business owners start out with a hustler mentality, but cannot make the switch to a sustainability mentality. The right business coach will share strategies to shift the mindset of the business owner from price gouging for a quick buck, or overpromising without delivery, to one that desires to build loyal returning customers. Imagine what your company can do with a business coach leading. Envision.1t, LLC is a consulting company that takes a coaching approach with business owners to ensure their company operates with quality and professionalism. 

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