About Us

EnVision1t is a company that Monique Johnson launched in 2021 to fulfil a need in America to give people hope for a better future and the tools and resources to achieve it. Whether through entrepreneurship, working for someone else, or as a student, Monique believes if you can envision it, you can achieve it. EnVision1t provides personal and business consultation services to help clients with goal planning for themselves or their business. The Owner and CEO has over 20 years' experience in budgeting and project management. She has an amazing story of overcoming challenges, from being on welfare rolls, to becoming a six-figure earner. Monique Johnson is using her talents to help others. From helping you launch your own business, coaching you through challenges, and providing you with resources, EnVision1t has what you need to envision your dreams and take the steps to make them a reality.