Meet the Author

Monique Johnson is a lover of God, a mother of three, grandmother of two, and a woman with a heart for others.  After experiencing challenges as a single mother, and later the pain of seeing her child spend his youth behind bars, Monique joined the fight for youth justice reform and much more. She started a youth foundation using the performing arts to keep teens occupied after school. She personally taught business basics, resume writing, and demonstrated a relentless pursuit toward success. She partnered with local businesses and schools to bring awareness of the impact that prison privatization made on black and brown youth. One of the core messages Monique shares is to envision what you want our of life, believe you can do it, then map a plan to get there. She is consistent with her message as she mentors, leads, and as she writes her memoirs, poems, and magazine articles. Monique's experience is vast. She has been a corporate trainer, accounting manager, project manager, and business owner. She writes about overcoming the odds through faith with works and a relentless resilience we must tap into in order to be victorious. Her books, workshops, and consultations provide a wealth of knowledge for anyone seeking guidance in their business, personal, and spiritual development.