Why Envision1t?

Envisioning It 

  • Allows you to see the end result 
  • Provides a basis for your pursuit 
  • Gives a glimpse of what is possible 
  • Motivates you to go after it

I am Monique R Johnson, also known as MJ Envision 1t! You’re probably wondering why I use the number one instead of the letter I in the phrase “envision it” because the business name was already taken when I finally decided decided to launch my LLC. Kudos to those amazing IT companies. My company uses a project management approach to achieving goals. I’ve met many people who want to start a business, or have started one, but haven’t built a strong infrastructure. They don’t have a business plan. They don’t have a strategy. Some want to write a book, but are not sure where to start. Whether you realize it or not, these are actually projects. It does not matter if you are writing a book, if you are building a business, or if you are renovating your home, project management is essential to ensure you stay on budget, on time, and produce quality results.