Developing Relentlessly Resilient Taught Me Something

As I began recreating the scene that became one of a few pivot points of my life, I realized something impactful. I discovered that I carried a powerful weapon that would help me overcome the resistance that kept trying to stop me. The weapon was faith. Faith as small as a mustard seed grew larger and more powerful as I watered it with my experiences and my tears. Each time I made it through a tough situation, my faith increased. The saying is that faith without works is dead. Well, how else can you work it if you don't have a situation to work it with?

The issues we face in life can be the character builders we need, or they can become the destroyers of our destiny. It is up to us which one becomes our reality. If we believe we can achieve a goal, or overcome an issue, then we can. It is all about our mindset. If we take on a defeatist mind, we will look at every situation as one that we can never overcome. We are training for defeat, when we ought to be building up for the battle and the win. My faith fueled my determination. My determination empowered me to plow through obstacles that could have shattered my dreams and destroyed my hope.

I took control of my thoughts through simple techniques I learned from reading the Bible, and my own experiences. We have a choice to fly high in faith or sit in shame. Faith in God, faith in your abilities, faith in yourself can carry long past your resources. It will give you a mindset to go out and find more resources or create them. Faith says, "I can do this, and I will." Doubt, on the other hand questions how? when? or even why should I?"

Let faith be your weapon that you use to win the battle for your success. Change your mindset so faith can reign instead of worry and doubt. Faith will carry you through.

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