Beautiful Resilience: Why Single Mothers Are Awesome

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Single mothers are among the world's strongest and most loving people, their beautiful resilience shining against all odds.

Monique Johnson, the author of Relentlessly Resilient, knows how powerful single mothers are because she's a single mother. The book is about a single woman's resolve to do her best despite her troubles in life. Monique shares her story, hoping readers will find the same relentless resilience she found in herself.

Being strong amidst life's crushing and unforgiving pressures takes a lot of courage. Caring for yourself and your child takes a lot of strength. However, single mothers manage to do just that.

With that in mind, it's time for us to celebrate the superpowers of single mothers.

Single Mothers Are Influential to Their Kids and Others

Society places single women into many categories, depending on their wealth, color, and how they became single mothers. Media outlets frequently get caught up in the confines of these boxes when they attempt to inspire others. They feature single, generally white, wealthy, or famous mothers.

Although the people may have noble intentions, they promote the notion that you cannot significantly impact another person's life unless your skin is white, you are well-off, and you're a famous single mother.

A single mother's influence over the kids you have and your interactions with them spread to those in your immediate vicinity. You can see who is looking at you at times. Then, other times, they can be invisible. Due to necessity, single mothers are resourceful.

single mother's resilience and strength lead them to have immense influence. They can help others develop confidence so others can grow and learn if single mothers spread their positive energy, especially other single mothers.

The Beautiful Resilience Single Mothers Possess

Some folks are indeed more resilient than most. However, if someone is a single mother, their resilience training started when they raised their children alone. Believe us when we say that the battle is genuine.

Author Monique Johnson has had the experience of maintaining a home, working, caring for children, and finding solutions to issues as demanding as they are gratifying. Single mothers could be exhausted with mountains of laundry, sleep deprivation, problematic teen, and crabby baby.

Some would even say that they feel like, some days, they've got nothing left to give. But no matter how exhausted they may be, a single mother's beautiful resilience will always shine through. This gives them a powerful energy boost for everything they can do for their children.

Power Manifests in a Plethora of Forms for Single Moms

Of course, there are difficulties in being a single mother. But as you take control of your affairs and your children's lives, power naturally develops. You aren't afforded the luxury of giving Dad the blame or getting a break if things get tricky because you are the primary caretaker.

Single mothers must be strong. You need to be the person to pick your children up when they fall—both metaphorically and literally—which entails acting as both their coach and motivator. Single moms also get the rare chance of experiencing and enjoying their children's success.

Kids will often go to their mothers whenever they think something is exciting or if someone piques their interest. Their total strength is nourished by the significant role single mothers undertake in their kids' lives.

Caring for Themselves, Their Children, and Others

The battle is genuine. You always manage to drop one or two balls, no matter how diligently you attempt to do everything correctly. Try as you may, you eventually discover that all the balls you're juggling mid-air will ultimately fall. This is normal and anticipated for every parent, particularly for single mothers.

Self-care helps you break free from the destructive and constricting mom-guilt cycle that encourages self-loathing. It's fine if you skipped a baseball game since you're pursuing your degree while taking school. It's acceptable to miss a parent-teacher conference because your car broke down.

Being a single mother, you'll most likely find that no one will if you don't care for yourself. So always be there to support yourself because self-care will let you succeed amid troubles, not just in being a mom, but also in being YOU.

Appreciating the Strength and Resilience Single Mothers Have

No doubt, single mothers have a beautiful resilience and strength unlike any other. People should appreciate and celebrate these traits more instead of passing judgment on single moms. Life isn't long enough to dwell on the negative and allow prejudice to get the best of us.

If you, or a friend of yours, need some uplifting, check out Relentlessly Resilient by Monique Johnson and purchase the book today!

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