Relentlessly Resilient by Monique Johnson: Succeeding in Life Amid Troubles

Relentlessly Resilient is, at its heart, a story of a woman persevering through the obstacles life has placed before her and her relentless pursuit of purpose. This is while faith tests her at every twist and turn.

In this great read, Monique Johnson lays her heart out and teaches readers the strategies and techniques she learned throughout her life and how she applied them all to the journey ahead. The lessons she mastered helped her push through the adversity and come out on top. 

If you are someone who's felt like they will never get anywhere or that progress has halted and will never get back to a pace where it is comfortable, then Relentlessly Resilient from Monique Johnson is for you.

You see, insecurity, anxiety, and such happen when it looks like you can't have a good grasp or even a proper handle on life, the situations you find yourself in, your finances, your personal pursuits, or your relationships with other people. It is your perception of the issue, and the specific angle you choose to look at that defines how much resistance you will face when facing that issue. 

This is very much an uphill battle for most people, especially women, people of color, and other marginalized groups--this is especially so for women of color who are also members of marginalized groups! These people already have a lot of baggage to deal with before they can even set foot in the race, so imagine the trouble they have to deal with in adjusting their mindsets!

Thankfully, regardless of who you are, Relentlessly Resilient by Monique Johnson is your one-stop-shop for learning from someone who's also experienced perhaps similar troubles in life and someone who has overcome all her difficulties to create a better life that is both stable and fulfilling in terms of her spirit and her finances. 

What Does It Mean to Be Resilient?

Resilience is the hallmark of being a woman, a mother, and an outsider. The moment you are thrust into the world, survival is already your first and only goal--developing a healthy level of resilience is key to achieving that goal. The struggle is real, and it affects every aspect of your life.

The struggle is real; that becomes your mantra. It is important and necessary to work hard, but it won't matter how much effort and time you put into things if, when you are faced with an obstacle that seems beyond you at first, you crumble like a Jenga tower. Failure is normal. Failure happens every time, but you should always stand up every time you fall.

If you fall down and just rest on the ground, never doing anything else anymore, you will never reach anywhere. For some, failure cuts deeper, and they build for themselves a perpetual cycle of self-blame and more failure. You blame yourself for failing, so each time you do something, you are afraid to put in some effort, which leads you to fail that thing you were doing, which leads you to blame yourself more. So and so forth. Ad infinitum.

This kind of destructive and self-fulfilling mindset leads nowhere. That is why one must develop the proper level of self-awareness and resilience to strengthen their will and reinforce their perceptions of themselves.

The world is tough enough, so you might as well toughen up and face things head-on.

Learn More About Monique Johnson

Monique Johnson is an avowed lover of God, a proud mother of three, and a loving grandmother of two. She has always been a woman with a heart wide enough for others, which is why she wrote Relentlessly Resilient to teach others her own life experiences and the valuable life lessons she acquired from them.

After overcoming the obstacles of being a single mother, including having a child spend some time behind bars, Monique Johnson has been at the forefront, advocating for the rights of youth. She founded a program that teaches performing arts to students to keep them out of the streets, and she has personally spent hours teaching wayward youth a legitimate path to success and more. 

Her books, workshops, and consultations have provided thousands of people with the knowledge and the wherewithal to pursue their dreams and develop themselves further.

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